G. Martin Kenney Fund

The G. Martin Kenney Fund was established in 1995 to provide support for charitable organizations serving citizens in the city of Ligonier and the Catholic Church.


The fund encourages projects that:
•   Promote cooperation among organizations without duplicating services
•   Promote volunteer involvement
•   Demonstrate practical approaches to current community issues
•   Enhance or improve organization self-sufficiency and effectiveness
•   Emphasize prevention

In addition, the Fund is inclined to give favorable consideration to projects that:
•   Affect a broad segment of the population
•   Are clearly replicable in their design
•   Have reasonable prospects for future support
•   Serve people whose needs are not being met by existing services and which encourage independence
•   Move the community to a higher cultural awareness

Proposals made to the G. Martin Kenney Fund are not limited to these areas, and grant seekers are encouraged to respond to emerging community needs.


Grant Deadlines
Deadlines: January 2, April 2, July 2, and November 2
If these dates fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday the application must be in our office by the Friday prior to that deadline.
All proposals must be in our office by 4:30pm on the day of the deadline.

Grants will be reviewed in February, May, August and December.
All grant-making decisions of the fund are made by an Advisory Committee. The committee members are from the Ligonier community.

Please follow the G. Martin Kenney Fund Grant Application Procedures listed in the brochure.

Click here for the G. Martin Kenney Grant Application

Click here for the Final Grant Report form

Need more information?
Contact Margarita White, Noble County Community Foundation Program Director.
In addition, you may call the Foundation at 260-894-3335.