Can the Noble County Community Foundation help us write our grant request?

Answer: While we offer guidelines on our HOW TO APPLY page, we do not provide grant writing services. Grant writers are available in our area of which some require fees. Please keep in mind that those fees are NOT reimbursed from any grants awarded. The NCCF also, at times, facilitates grant writing workshops. Please contact us about potential upcoming workshops.

Can we apply for more than one grant?

Answer: All applications are reviewed on an individual basis by our grant review committees. Organizations/grantees are only allowed to have one open grant request at a time. Once a final report has been received, reviewed, and approved by the Foundation then the organization is free to apply for another grant.

How long does it take to know if my grant request was approved/denied?

Answer: After receiving an application which meets the guidelines posted on the HOW TO APPLY page of our website, it will usually take approximately 60 days.

How much can we possibly get from a grant?

Answer: Grants are awarded for various amounts based largely on whether the amount and purpose meet the guidelines found each grant funds page.

When are the grant deadline dates for submission of proposals?

Answer: Completed proposals need to be submitted by March 2, May 2, July 2 and November 2. If these dates fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the application must be submitted via the online process the Friday prior to that deadline. All proposals must be submitted via the online process by 3:30 PM on the day of the deadline.

What are the grants evaluated on?

Answer: The following guidelines are designed to furnish you, the grant seeker, with the information necessary to apply for a NCCF grant.  These guidelines are not a guaranteed prescription for success in obtaining a grant.  Each proposal is evaluated on:

  1.  How it meets with the granting priorities as set forth by the Foundation
  2. Its potential value to the Noble County community
  3. The amount of available funds
  4. The quality of planning, leadership, support and vision expressed in the application
  5. The planned measurement of outcomes

What types of grants does the Foundation fund?

Answer: The  general  policy  of  the  Foundation  and  Community  Initiatives  is  to  make  grants  for innovative,  creative  projects  and   programs responsive to addressing community needs in    Noble County, including operating support for those projects.

Can I talk to someone about my proposed project before submitting my application?

Answer: Yes. You may contact the Program Director at the Foundation to discuss your project/program before application submission.